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Schools in Western Suburbs Reaching Capacity

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has called for more schools in the Wallsend electorate, particularly in the western suburbs where the population is growing rapidly, after it was revealed that more than 40% of schools are either at, or well above, capacity.

Across the Wallsend electorate there are eight schools that have a capacity of 100% or above and another four schools are bordering breaking point at 95% capacity or above.

Last year, the Government announced it would be spending $5 billion on constructing new schools as a result of increasing enrolments, but not a single cent has been proposed for the westerns suburbs.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“I have raised this issue with the Education Minister to see what works are in the pipeline for the Wallsend, Fletcher, Maryland area, given the rapid increase in population we are seeing.”

“Since 2016, we have seen schools in the western suburbs have a large increase in enrolments and many have now reached capacity.”

“Callaghan College at Wallsend has gone from 94% to 98% and Wallsend Public School has gone from 92% to 100% capacity. Glendore Public School remains at 100% capacity.”

“This Government has forced schools that are above capacity to make the difficult decision to either place more demountable classrooms on shrinking school space or continue teaching in overcrowded classrooms.”

“Where that is not possible, the catchment area for schools is changed dramatically and students face an even longer and more difficult journey to get to school.”

“Population figures are predicting the population in Fletcher/Minmi will double in the next 20 years with large parcels of land becoming available for land. Public school enrolments are expected to increase by 21% in that same time.”

“If we are serious about planning for the future then we must prepare for a new school in the western suburbs of Newcastle.”