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Speed Limit Reduction and Fines Taken to Parliament

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will today move a Notice of Motion in NSW Parliament, calling on the Minister for Roads to bring on a debate around the speed limit reduction and million dollar windfall from fines issued along Thomas Street at Wallsend and Griffiths Road at Lambton.

Data released by the Government last week showed more than $1M in fines have been collected from the two red light speed cameras along the stretch of road following a decision to reduce the speed limit by 10km/h in March this year.

Ms Hornery has been calling on the Roads and Maritime Service and Roads Minister, Melinda Pavey, to release the report that warranted the speed limit reduction.

The Government has refused to release the report and invoiced Ms Hornery more than $450 for the release of data under the Freedom of Information request.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“So far there has been silence from the Minister on the data and the more than $1M in fines that have been raked in as a result of this speed limit reduction.”

“The Minister has refused to respond to my emails and letters so today I will move a Notice of Motion calling for a debate on the issue.”

“If the Government is going to make a decision that has a significant impact on the lives of Wallsend residents, then they should have the guts to justify that decision.”

“At every step, they have tried to prevent me from getting access to the report that was produced prior to the speed limit reduction in March.”

“If this decision was about improving traffic flow, reducing the number of speeding vehicles and reducing the number of accidents in the area it has failed miserably.”

“Fines are up and the roads have never been more congested according to all of the motorists and commuters who contact my office on a regular basis.”

“I ask the Minister to bring on a debate to discuss this important issue and for her to put on the public record the data behind the speed limit reduction.”

“The motorists and commuters are awaiting your response.”