Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has welcomed an opportunity to debate a Notice of Motion about traffic congestion and the speed limit reduction on Thomas Street, Newcastle Road, and Griffiths Road.

The Notice of Motion calls on the Minister to develop a plan to ease congestion on Thomas Street, Newcastle Road, and Griffiths Road, which has reached crisis levels and notes that despite a reduction in the speed limit, accidents along the roads are frequent.

Ms Hornery has been calling on the Government to release the data and give the reasons behind the speed limit change since March, but up until now the Government has refused. Last week it was revealed that the Government has netted from than $1M in fines since the speed limit changed.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“This Notice of Motion will be an opportunity for the Government to finally explain to the people of the Wallsend electorate and the Hunter, the reasons and data behind the speed limit reduction on Thomas Street, Newcastle Road, and Griffiths Road.”

“Supposedly, the reason for the speed reduction was to limit the number of accidents on the road, but most of the recorded accidents around there took place at low speed, indicating congestion was the primary factor in collisions rather than speed.”

“The speed limit reductions have done little to ease the pain motorists are feeling with the number of minor accidents staying relatively stable.”

“Last week it was revealed that since the speed limit along this stretch of road was reduced 8 month ago, more than $1million in fines have been issued to local residents.”

“The Minister needs to justify why she implemented the speed limit reduction which has resulted in one million dollars being gouged from commuters.”

“I hope the Minister takes the opportunity to face up and justify her decision when the Notice of Motion is debated, rather than sending down MPs from electorates that have nothing to do with the decision or the roads portfolio to respond on her behalf.”

“The Government have a track record of attempting to stifle debate on issues they don’t like and I hope they don’t attempt to push this debate off the agenda today.”

“The residents of the Wallsend electorate and the Hunter deserve an answer.”