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Hospital Staff Left Without Covid-19 Supplies

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has called on the Health Minister and Hunter New England Health to make sure that all hospital staff are given appropriate COVID-19 supplies, after it was revealed that a number of hospitals have left staff and departments without any access to COVID-19 supplies.

Ms Hornery has been contacted by staff over the last few days who are fed up with being told to buy their own supplies of hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes to ensure their area is cleaned.

Staff felt there was no other option left but to contact the local Member of Parliament to raise the issue after it was raised with management.

“Here we have Health officials, who are the ones constantly reminding us that we need to have good hand hygiene practices, not supplying their own staff with hand sanitiser and other COVID-19 supplies,” Ms Hornery said.

“Frontline hospital staff should not be forced to buy their own supplies or clean their workspaces. That is just not acceptable.

“If the issue is funding, then the Health Minister needs to make sure that appropriate funding is given to our hospitals for purchasing essential COVID-19 supplies.

“I think the issue is more likely a failure by management to ensure that all sections of our hospitals are given, and have a flow of, COVID-19 supplies throughout our network of hospitals.

“Staff have told me they are fed up with the hypocrisy, lies and lack of genuine care shown to them by management when the issue has been raised.

“I have written to both the Health Minister and the Chief Executive of Hunter New England Health asking them to immediately review the provision of supplies.

“Throughout the pandemic, hospital staff have been working non-stop to ensure we remain on top of the COVID-19 virus. Whether they are testing patients who are presenting with symptoms or non-medical staff ensuring our hospitals run smoothly, we should be ensuring they have the basic COVID-19 supplies like hand sanitiser to help keep them safe and healthy,” said Ms Hornery