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International Cleaners Day – Thank You

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has called on the community to mark International Cleaners Day by saying “thank you” to their workplace cleaner.

International Cleaners Day is held on 15 June each year and it is a day to recognise and demonstrate appreciation for the hard, often unrecognised, work that cleaners do each day.

Ms Hornery has called on the community to join with her and thank a cleaner, especially given the work they are doing in the current health crisis to keep workplaces a healthy and hygienic environment.

“I think it’s important that we all acknowledge and thank our cleaners for their efforts. The COVID crisis has really highlighted the important role they play,” said Ms Hornery.

“I particularly want to acknowledge the valuable role hospital cleaners play and continue to play in our health system.

“As a community, we want to thank them for their hard work every day and especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know how hard cleaners have to work. My mum spent many years working as a cleaner in the NSW health system and as a school cleaner.

“Whether it is in an office, a hospital, a school, or at an outdoor event, the work of cleaners is essential to the community and the economy.

“The work of cleaners is mostly invisible, and rarely acknowledged.

“I am asking the community to show that you and your coworkers appreciate and value the work of your cleaner by leaving a ‘thank you’ card on your desk or in the cleaner’s room.

“This simple gesture will put a smile on your cleaners face and let them know that you appreciate the work they do for us,” Ms Hornery said.