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Help Local Students Going Back to School

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will use her office as a collection point for people to drop off items to assist families who need assistance with buying products to send their children back to school.

Heading back to school is a nervous time for kids but it can also be a very expensive time for parents. After being contacted by local parents, Ms Hornery will open her office to donations of items to assist local parents who are struggling or have left their home due to domestic or family violence.

Ms Hornery will be working with local schools, local charities such as Friends With Dignity and local refuges to give some of those families a helping hand.

“Once again the Wallsend electorate is willing to give and give and following discussions with some local parents over the holidays, my office is open to taking donations of back to school items to assist local parents who are struggling,” Ms Hornery said.

“2020 was a tough year and many families are struggling following job losses due to COVID-19 or through situations such as escaping domestic violence.

“Starting the new school year is hard enough for all children, but starting at a new school, not knowing anyone and not having the essentials that every other child has, can be all too much to handle.

“Like so many times last year, the local community always digs deep to help those in need. So if you can help, purchase a backpack and fill it with school items like pens, lead pencils, highlighters, notepads, pencil case, coloured pencils, eraser, glue stick, clear contact, lunch box, water bottle, coloured markers, label stickers, ruler, calculator and crayons.

“They don’t have to be the most expensive brands, just whatever you can afford when you are out getting your own children their items.

“The items can be dropped to my office any time between now and the first week in February and I will make sure they all go to local families,” said Ms Hornery.