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  2. Donate Your Old Footy Boots to Support Local Children

Donate Your Old Footy Boots to Support Local Children

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, is calling on the community to donate their old footy boots, to support local families who cannot afford new boots.

The Development and Relief Agency (DARA), a registered charity of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, operates to support vulnerable people in our local community.

DARA are collecting any soccer boots that people have laying around that are in a decent condition and not getting used and will donate them to children of local families who are struggling financially.

Ms Hornery’s office at 67 Nelson Street, Wallsend, will be an official drop off point for any preloved boots.

“The Wallsend electorate has many proud football clubs and I am asking these clubs to join with me in supporting this great initiative.”

“Getting involved in sport can be expensive, but we know the benefits children get from regular physical exercise and being part of a team.”

“For some local families, the costs are just too great and an already isolated section of the community is often isolated further.”

“I am asking the community to support these children by donating any pre-loved soccer boots that they have laying around in their home.”

“The simple act of donating boots unlocks multiple avenues and allows them to be involved within the sport, generating new opportunities for friendships and community spirit.”

“My office will be a drop off point for any clubs or individuals who have boots to donate.”