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No New Police for Newcastle Command

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has again expressed her disappointment and dismay, following the announcement that the Newcastle City Police District would receive no new recruits in the latest allocation of new officers.

Ms Hornery has been advocating for more Police Officers and better resources to be allocated to the Wallsend electorate and, in particular, the Newcastle City Police District, which makes up over half of the electorate.

Ms Hornery has expressed her concern at the recent increase in crimes involving guns across the Wallsend electorate, with shootings in Jesmond and Wallsend, Henny Penny being robbed at gun point last week and reports of cars driving through suburban streets on Saturday shooting at each other.

“It is disappointing to see that despite crime being on the rise in our area that no new recruits are being sent our way to bolster our numbers,” said Ms Hornery.

“We have seen a significant rise in crimes involving guns in our area in the last few months and the community is concerned.

“In the last few weeks we have had multiple incidents involving shots being fired in residential streets in Wallsend and a business robbed at gun point.

“While we have had a few new additions to the local Police District over the last 12 months, we are once again seeing Police being stretched to breaking point.

“When I speak with local Officers they tell me of their massive caseloads and the problems with the large amount of officers on sick or stress leave.

“The new recruits that we have received over the last 12 months hasn’t been enough to cover the Officers who have retired or left the Force.

“We need more local Police, we need Police who are familiar with the area and are constantly rostered on to cover a specific patch.

“I will be seeking some answers locally and from the Police Minister about why we received zero new recruits,” Ms Hornery said.