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Motion Calls for Better Security for Health Workers

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will today move a Notice of Motion calling on the Health Minister to improve safety conditions for staff at the John Hunter Hospital.

The Motion calls for the immediate installation of CCTV and security patrols around the John Hunter Hospital staff car parks following ongoing security incidents for staff and visitors to the Hospital.

An incident earlier this year, where a staff member’s car was torched, highlighted concerns from staff about the increasing number of issues staff are facing in the car park, with reports of cars being broken into and stolen.

Staff have also raised concerns about feeling unsafe walking back to their vehicles late at night or in the early hours of the morning. None of the car parking areas have appropriate CCTV and due to understaffing, security personnel are unable to perform regular patrols of the car parks.

“I was shocked, like most people, to discover that the staff car parks at John Hunter Hospital are not covered by an appropriate level of CCTV,” Ms Hornery said.

“When I wrote to the Minster earlier this year, the Minister advised me that an assessment conducted two years ago deemed the risk to staff was low, and therefore no further upgrades would be undertaken.

“Staff have continually reported issues with cars being broken into on a regular basis and cars being stolen form the car parks.

“Of greater concern are the reports from staff about feeling unsafe when leaving work and walking back to their cars after dark.

“A workforce that is made up predominantly of women should feel safe while at work, and that includes getting back to your car safely.

“It is important that our health staff and visitors to the Hospital can leave work or the wards and return to their car without feeling unsafe and I call on the Minister to listen to what those on the ground are saying and improve safety for these workers,” said Ms Hornery.