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Teachers Deserve More than Thanks

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will today move a Notice of Motion calling on the Education Minister to show support for NSW teachers by ensuring adequate staffing levels, provide teachers with more time to focus on teaching and learning and a suitable pay increase.

Ms Hornery met with local school teachers who raised concerns that the work of public school teachers and principals has never been more difficult and demanding. Teachers also raised concerns that the recent Gallop Inquiry found that the skills and expertise of teachers had increased significantly and the work that they did every day was more difficult and demanding, but at the same time, the salaries of teachers had been falling compared to those of other professionals.

Added to this is the ever growing shortage of teachers across primary, secondary and special education schools with more than 1250 positions unfilled in NSW.

Ms Hornery will move a Motion calling on the Minister to address these concerns.

“As a former teacher I completely understand the issues our teachers are talking about,” Ms Hornery said.

“Teacher shortages are a growing problem in NSW schools. There are more than 1250 unfilled primary, secondary and special education positions in country and city schools across NSW.

“If there is no action on workloads and salaries the shortages are expected to worsen due to rapidly rising enrolments in NSW public schools.

“We can’t fix the shortages without fixing the workload and salaries problems that have reduced the attractiveness of the profession.

“I am calling on the Minister to ensure there is an appropriate increase in salaries that recognises the higher skills and expertise of teachers and makes salaries more competitive with other professions.

“Teachers also need an additional two hours a week for lesson planning and collaboration and an urgent reduction in administration and compliance workloads.

“Without great teachers, our kids don’t get a great education.

“The Minister needs to invest in our teachers because it is an investment in our students. They deserve more than thanks,” said Ms Hornery