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  2. Government Backs Motion to Do More for Victims of Building Company Collapses

Government Backs Motion to Do More for Victims of Building Company Collapses

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has welcomed the support of the NSW Government for her Motion in Parliament yesterday to do more for victims of building company collapses like that of Privium Homes.

Ms Hornery’s Motion, which called on the Minister for Fair Trading and Small Business to assist the victims of Privium to get some certainty, ensure these investments can be protected, and they can have their homes completed, received unanimous support in the Parliament yesterday.

The Motion was given late last year after the collapse of Privium Homes left people across the Wallsend electorate and the Hunter hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket and without their dream home.

Ms Hornery will work with the Government to ensure protections are in place so that future events like this don’t happen, and if they do, that people are not left out of pocket.

“I welcome the support of the Government on this very important issue,” Ms Hornery said.

“These Motions are very important issues for people in the Wallsend electorate and are a way for me to make sure the Government are aware of the problems and that their response will be recorded on the public record.

“I have spoken with people who were victims of the Privium home collapse, people who had invested every cent they had into building their new home, who have been left financially ruined by the collapse of the company.

“I will now work with the Government and the Minister to ensure protections are put in place for consumers.

“There are recommendations from the Collins Review that should be implemented that would minimise the loss caused by collapses.

“I want the Minister to take action, to look seriously at these companies and to prevent it from happening in the future, so we can protect our communities, and I will be making sure the Government follow through,” said Ms Hornery.