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Labor Shadow Minister to Visit Wallsend Flood Infrastructure

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Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery MP will host Shadow Minister for Water, Rose Jackson MLC in Wallsend today to view the Wallsend flood infrastructure along Ironbark Creek from 10am outside Ms Hornery’s office at 67 Nelson Street, Wallsend.

Hunter Water had previously advised Ms Hornery that without a regulatory requirement from the Minister for Water to address flooding, they would not be committing funding to fix the flooding problem in the Wallsend CBD, instead shifting the onus to City of Newcastle.

Ms Hornery has written to the Minister, sought a meeting with the Minister and tabled a Notice of Motion in the NSW Parliament to call on the Minister to direct Hunter Water to expand the stormwater assets around Wallsend CBD to a level that is appropriate to minimise flood risk.

The Minister has now responded to Ms Hornery’s letter stating that they have no intention to direct Hunter Water to complete the works, insisting it is an issue for the City of Newcastle to address despite Hunter Water owning and operating the infrastructure.

Quotes attributable to State Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery MP

“I have invited a succession of Government Water Ministers to view the stormwater infrastructure in the Wallsend CBD to see for themselves the issue. Unfortunately, they do not seem to take it seriously. It is pleasing to see Rose take such an interest.”

“Hunter Water own and operate the stormwater infrastructure here in Wallsend, one would expect that they would also be able to expand and maintain the drainage too.”

“It is disappointing that the Minister for Water will not direct Hunter Water to complete the works.”

“Does it need to take another catastrophic flooding event like we had in 2007 for the government to take action on this issue?”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Water, Rose Jackson MLC

“I want to acknowledge Sonia for her consistent advocacy on behalf of her community in relation to this issue. She has raised with me – and insisted I am come up and see for myself. I am more than happy to join her in Wallsend to discuss the need for improved flood infrastructure and inspect the current arrangements.”

“We all know another major flooding event will hit the area at some stage in the future – we don’t know when it will be, but it’s inevitable this community will have to deal with flooding again. What is so frustrating is that we know the NSW Government could take action to direct Hunter Water to ensure this impact is minimised, but it refuses to do so. Residents in Wallsend should know that any serious flooding that occurs in the near future could have been less significant if the NSW Government had listened to the local MP Sonia Hornery.”