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  2. A Historic Moment For Australia As Marriage Equality Passes

A Historic Moment For Australia As Marriage Equality Passes

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has offered her heartfelt congratulations to LGBTQI residents of Wallsend in the wake of news that marriage equality has passed through the Australian Parliament.

Ms Hornery has acknowledged that some in the community were not supportive of the change, but has called on everyone in Wallsend to come together and celebrate.

The passage of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 through the House of Representatives marks the end of a long and bitter struggle for marriage equality, which included a painful and unnecessary postal survey.

Same-sex marriages conducted overseas will be recognised in Australia as soon as the Bill receives Royal Assent and it is expected that the first same-sex marriages conducted in Australia will begin from 9 January 2018.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“I am overjoyed that, after such a long struggle, marriage equality is finally becoming a reality.”

“This has been a long road for the LGBTQI community and I offer my congratulations to the activists and leaders who have been at the vanguard of this movement for many years.”

“Local electorates voted overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality and I am pleased to see the views of so many of my constituents reflected in a change to the law.”

“I recognise that there was a sizeable minority who voted to retain the existing definition of marriage. I call on ‘no’ voters and ‘yes’ voters to put aside these differences moving forward, and come together in celebration.”

“I want to congratulate LGBTQI Wallsend residents on this hard fought victory.”

“I will continue to support the fight for social justice and equality.”