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  2. Hornery Welcomes Movement On LMTI

Hornery Welcomes Movement On LMTI

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has welcomed the $1.7 million in the State Budget for the Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange at Glendale.

This investment comes just as Stage 1, Section 1 of the Interchange opens to the public. Lake Macquarie City Council has shouldered the lion’s share of the financial burden for the project thus far.

When completed, the Interchange will connect Glendale and Cardiff, opening parts of both areas for investment and development and easing transport flow. This will allow the area, recognised as a strategic centre for the Hunter Region, to develop as a dynamic business and lifestyle hub.

The Interchange has been identified as the region’s number one infrastructure priority by Hunter Mayors.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“It is good to see the NSW Government begin funding the next stage of the Glendale Interchange.”

“I applaud Lake Macquarie City Council for their work on the project so far and I am very happy to see Stage 1, Section 1 open to the public.”

“Stage 1, Section 2 of the Interchange, the Pennant Street Bridge, is the key to unlocking tracts of land either side of the rail corridor for development, encouraging growth in the area and easing traffic congestion in surrounding suburbs.”

“I have been advocating for the Interchange for many years. It has been identified as the number one infrastructure priority for the Hunter Region and will deliver long-term economic growth to the Wallsend electorate.”

“I look forward to working with the NSW Government and Lake Macquarie City Council to deliver this vital piece of public infrastructure.”