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Public Transport Confusion Remains

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will today call on the Transport Minister to release timetable and information for routes from the new Newcastle Transport network operator, Keolis Downer.

The new operator is due to commence operating bus and ferry services from July 1, just 30 days away, but information on new timetables and routes is still unavailable.

Public Transport is limited around the outskirts of the Wallsend electorate and public transport users need some assurances that their current timetables and services will still operate after July 1.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“I will be asking the Transport Minister to release the timetables and bus routes for services after the 1st of July.”

“The Government keeps telling us to trust them and that everything will be alright. We have seen the amount of stuff ups made by this Government, most recently the Fire and Emergency Services Levy backflip.”

“Public transport users are not willing to sit back and trust the Government, people have to plan ahead and don’t want to be left stranded if services are going to change.”

“My office is receiving calls from workers, university students and concerned parents who want to know that they will be able to access the same service come July 1.”

“Calls and letters to the Minister’s office offer little comfort and their advice is that services will be reviewed and the community will have the opportunity to provide their feedback.”

“The new operator has yet to provide any information and assurances that come July 1, things will remain the same.”

“The Minister needs to release the route details and timetables for people in the Wallsend electorate.”