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  2. Wallsend Electorate Schools To Lose $10 Million

Wallsend Electorate Schools To Lose $10 Million

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has called on the NSW Government to explain why schools in the Wallsend electorate will be $10 million worse off.

The Premier has broken her promise to ensure her Federal Liberal colleagues honour the so called Gonski funding agreement, costing Wallsend electorate schools millions of dollars in funding.

The Federal Government will cut funding to almost every NSW public school, according to figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws released by the NSW Teachers Federation.

Under the Premier’s watch the Federal Liberal Government is being allowed to slash more than $846 million, due to be delivered in 2018-19, from public schools right across NSW.

This is despite her promise in January to “make sure the Federal government sticks to all of its commitments in relation to Gonski”.

Now the Premier must assure students, parents and teachers in the Wallsend electorate that they won’t miss out as a result of this broken promise.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“The Wallsend electorate will have almost $10 million wiped from the budget of its schools.”

“This includes $2.7 million less for the Callaghan Colleges at Wallsend and Jesmond and $500,000 less for Beresfield Public School.”

“How can the Premier praise the Federal government for its education funding, when schools in the Wallsend electorate will be $10 million worse off over the next two years?”

“On her first day the Premier said she was the “strongest supporter of Gonski” – but it’s obvious she didn’t fight too hard for it.”

“Everybody expects that when there’s a signed contract that it will be adhered to, but now Wallsend schools are $10 million worse off.”

Beresfield Public School                         -$500,152
Callaghan College                              -$2,753,008
Cardiff North Public School                  -$139,579
Elermore Vale Public School                -$308,934
Glendale East Public School                -$299,085
Glendale Technology High School       -$931,263
Glendore Public School                        -$424,580
Heaton Public School                            -$183,987
Jesmond Public School                        -$252,481
Lambton Public School                         -$286,196
Maryland Public School                         -$439,516
Minmi Public School                              -$71,800
New Lambton Heights Infants School   -$40,206
New Lambton Public School               -$358,430
Newcastle Middle School                       -$56,332
Newcastle Senior School                        -$78,388
Plattsburg Public School                      -$452,993
Shortland Public School                        -$413,751
Tarro Public School.                             -$217,719
Wallsend Public School                         -$472,552
Wallsend South Public School             -$367,605
Waratah Public School                         -$445,463
Waratah West Public School                 -$202,149