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Wallsend Must Wait Weeks For Details Of Changes

Media Releases

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has labelled the rollout of the new timetable and maps by Keolis Downer a slap in the face for residents in the western suburbs of Newcastle and northern Lake Macquarie.

Keolis Downer has failed to install new maps and timetables at the key hubs of Wallsend, Glendale and Jesmond. The company, when questioned about when they might be installed, advised it could take up to three weeks before the rollout to Wallsend is complete.

The company has also advised that it has run out of most of the printed timetables to give to customers. People are now being directed to the website or app, despite many not having access to the internet or a smart phone.

Quotes attributable to Member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery

“This rollout has been nothing short of shambolic and yet another slap in the face to the people who live on the fringes of the transport network.”

“My office was bombarded by hundreds of calls and emails from people upset about the lack of information at key hubs such as Wallsend, Jesmond and Glendale.”

“People who don’t have access to the internet or a smart phone were told that they would have to find a pay phone and call 131500 to get information about the next bus or just sit and wait for it at the stop.”

“Changes to the network have been coming since the company took over last year. It wasn’t a surprise, so I cannot believe how badly prepared they have been for it.”

“They have once again shown contempt for people on the fringes of the network by telling them to be patient and wait, we will eventually get out to you. Six months ago they cancelled more than 300 bus services in the Wallsend electorate.”

“But according to the company, everything went well yesterday and there were no major issues. Maybe the company should try getting out and talking to the people they have ignored from day one – they should come and talk to the people contacting my office.”